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GOAL Digger

Life has been nonstop. Since Miami, I’m pretty sure I slept in my own bed about a total of 2 nights! I’m not complaining at all. Today I have just been trying to decompression and review all that has been happening in my life. I truly just feel very lucky to have a strong support system that believes in me.

Training has started to calm down as its off season and I’m planning out what my goals are for 2018 and what races I want to compete in. Really looking forward to all that the 2018 race season will bring.

Two big things that just happened-the launch of Savage Multisport and passing year 3 of my doctoral residency!

It is a multisport, online based team that provides  unparalleled support to amateur athletes around the globe while supplying the team with rad gear. We have had great feedback since launching and look forward to growing this team into something great for 2018 season.



Future Dr. DeLorenzo in the making! I have been working on my doctorate for three years now and this was the final residency. As part of my online classes I am required to attend and pass my residency every year. Last year my concept was approved, this year my concept was redefined and I presented information on my proposal from chapters 1,2, and 3! My dissertation topic is: A Mini Ethnographic Case Study of Generation Y in Brand Loyalty. If you want to get really nerdy we can talk research methodology and how many references I have or I can save that for a rainy day!  Passing residency year three was a huge milestone. Now to keep pushing on and finish my dissertation in or around a year! Who wants to proof read?! haha


Dream Big!