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Watch Me Tri

What excuse can I use now about why I haven’t blogged in like a year? School? Work? Training? Yeah I’ve got them all. But you aren’t here for the excuses…you are here to read about my newest and craziest challenge yet, a triathlon!

So I have been debating to start this blog back up as I was recently inspired by Meredith Atwood’s book Triathlon for the Every Women. Atwood explains her ups and downs in her book dealing with not only training, but her life. Everyone can relate to what this women is going through. Atwood has a blog about her training and well, you guessed it, it encouraged me enough to think I should be writing about my experiences too!

After completing my second marathon in November I  was already considering what would be the next races I would complete in 2017. So far I have a few cycling events lined up, the hot chocolate 15k, and my first ever triathlon. Triathlons come in different distances ranging from super sprint, sprint, olympic, half ironman, and ironman. My July tri is a sprint.

Let’s get to the training details. The event is swim, bike, and finish with a run. Running no biggie, I’ve been training and running for years now. Biking has become a new hobby and I have really learned to love it and realize the importance of cross training. Swimming…if we are talking about the doggie paddle I’m a pro, but freestyle with proper form and technique I have no clue. Not wanting to look like a total noob and moron in the swim portion, I got a swim coach. My first lesson I had to ask my coach how to put the swim cap on. When she asked me to swim down the lane in what I “thought” freestyle looked like I was so embarrassed. But I got through it and I’m working on my form. I didn’t drown, but I might have drank plenty of the pool water learning how often to takes breaths.

I’ve learned in training for a tri, when you do two out of the three disciplines this is called a brick. Swim/bike or bike/run. Doing a brick workout helps to build the strength and learn to transition from one discipline to the other. These really kick your butt. Finding the time for all the training can be a challenge, but I’m determined to build my strength and endurance more than ever. I’m excited and a tad nervous of what is to come with my training. I’m already looking for another marathon to start training for if anyone has suggestions!!!!

Until the next workout!