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Rest-Recharge Your Body & Mind


UnknownMy biggest downfall is not letting my body rest. I always want to go, go go, and never want to be left out. To all my fellow cabin crew members, workaholics, and gym rats, let your body have a rest day! I always learn the hard way. I got hit with strep throat again!!!!!!!! It probably didn’t help that I came in from a red eye, took a short nap, and headed back out for the evening thinking I could hang (WRONG). Then I push myself to go hard in the gym when all I should have done was let myself sleep!

We don’t realize how important it is for our mind and body to actually get good rest. When your body works on 6 hours or less of sleep your thoughts travel more slowly then normal and your body relies on you to do things through memory. This can be a huge issue when you have a job that requires decision making and problem solving. One night of no sleep or several nights without good sleep will throw your hormones totally off. This can lead to an increase in appetite, feeling sluggish, and continuously feeling distracted lowering your reaction times (Shape, 2016).

Way too many times have I learned the hard way to listen to my body when it needs to rest.   Let’s face it, going to the doctors is never fun. As much as we may complain about work, I rather not use my sick time actually being sick. Stay healthy, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest!!!




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I Love a Challenge!

Seriously, the more you think I can not do something, the harder I am going to work at it to prove you wrong. Nothing is ever easy in life and the things that do come easy aren’t worth having. You think you are discouraging me, but  you are really just adding fuel to the 6e90eb3db802e842ba5eed625a8cf3a1fire. I’m pushing myself harder everyday. Learning I had what it took all along.

I’m here to challenge you just the same. Why stop there? You have it in you to go a little further. Make things happen for yourself and don’t rely on anyone else.

Just a little motivation!



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I’m Working on the New Me!

When you are ready to give up, remember why you started! This week has been mentally tough. With about a year left in my doctorate degree I find myself asking, why did I start this, what am I doing it for? On Saturday, on my flight back from Mexico, I had a passenger tell me I reminded him so much of his daughter. What was this guy talking about I thought? We barely shared any conversation, but after we did get to talking, it was like he knew the struggles I was going through as his daughter did the same. It’s like I’m so close to the finish, but I just can’t get there. Working out is my outlet and I think I would lose my sanity if I stopped going to the gym or running.



My classes are normally 8 weeks long and assignments are due every week and I take it day by day. Each day I assign myself something to do and when Monday rolls around I usually have a paper to finish due that night! The countdown is on and I strive for perfection (especially since I am the one paying for it). Comparitive with the work I put into my classes I push myself even harder at the gym.


I would say I’ve always been in “decent” shape. When I amp up for a race I can see results and that drives me. With about one year till I finish my degree and its about to be the last year of my twenties, I decided its time to be in better shape than “decent.” When I get my results back from my assignments and they are A’s I get really excited. I feel the same way when I see results at the gym. I love the way I feel after a great run or kickboxing class. Coming home with a bag full of sweaty gym clothes is like receiving an A on a paper and I just want more. Seeing positive results is an addiction and I can’t just be mediocore. I don’t depend on anyone to motivate me, but myself. I’m taking this journey by myself to become the better me! Come along if you like, its going to be an exciting and challenging transformation!

Meet me in the gym!