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It’s Officially The Off Season

Off Season, slow season, but defiantly not bored season. You are probably wondering how December of all months can be considered the off season for someone!?! Let me break it down for you.

As a flight attendant even though people are traveling they don’t travel until right before or right after their respected holiday that he/she may celebrate. So families are staying home until school lets out and they can travel near or far for that family vacation. Flight attendants with much more seniority then me will have off for the holiday. So I will be instructing you to place your bag in the over head bin, fasten your seat belt, and remain seated until the seat belt sign is turned off this holiday season. This doesn’t worry me one bit, as I enjoy taking holiday travelers to their destination, but please don’t have to many glasses of holiday cheer before you step on my aircraft.


Next, as it’s December and I can hear the winds howling outside of my windows, its not race season. It’s rebuilding season. So, this off season I have started to get back in the gym and try to build my strength up. Let me tell you planks and the stepper machine are not my friend. But we will make it through until the weather starts to break again or I get to a warm destination where I can be outside! Whatever may come first.


And don’t worry I’ve got my doctoral program to still keep my mind focused. Plenty of reading and writing to finish up this year and next.  And plenty of planning for the 2018 season!

Stay focused and have a great end of 2017!