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Austin, You’re Weird and I Love It

Wow, first off I can’t believe July is almost over! This Summer has been flying by for me (haha, get it). So corny, I know. But anyway, I decided to work a trip just recently for the long layover in Austin, Texas. I got a spend a short amount of time in Austin several years back with my previous company. I stayed right on South Congress or the SoCo district as it might be better known by the locals. Lots of shopping and restaurants, you can’t go wrong with either of those, especially in Austin, so many eclectic shops and mom and pop restaurants. The first stop I made was Jo’s Coffee which serves stumptown coffee and I love the iced turbo (coffee, espresso, hazelnut, and chocolate=pure happiness)!!!


Next I wander down the rest of the South Congress only to find a Kendra Scott jewelry store. My latest obsession (hint, hint to all you wonderful people that want to buy me things). I totally decided to treat myself to a new pair of earrings in Kendra’s newest collection, Mystic Bazaar. Can’t wait to wear these beauties.

IMG_3011_2Further down the street I went Allen’s Boots. This a must stop for anyone, even if you are not a fan of cowboy boots (but how could you not be, and if you aren’t we can’t be friends).



When I was here years ago, I made my first investment into a pair of Luccchese Boots, these boots are made in Texas (and are so beautiful). The staff in Allen’s are very down to earth and will listen to what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. This time I added a Lucchese belt to match my boots. Talking to the staff I asked for the local opinion for a watering hole that was not where all the tourist went. I had heard about Rainey Street. They jumped on the idea of sending me there and were so kind to draw me a map and give me a few suggestions of places to go there. Their suggestions were spot on!! Thanks so much guys!


I ended up going to Craft Pride, if you can read the sign, they only serve beer that is brewed in Texas! Yay for local. To my surprise, Texas has a growing amount of breweries. I settled in with a Slow Ride by Oasis Texas Brewing and I without a doubt had to try the Blonde Bombshell by Southern Star. To top it all off they had a pizza truck, Via 313 arrive and park in their backlot at 5pm.


This is on the side of Jo’s coffee!! A can’t miss picture opportunity!

Another successful trip to Austin and I really do love the quirky little things that make Austin, Texas, strange, fun, interesting, and weird. Until my next adventure. Giddy up little doggie!




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Brunching with the Best

I love food. It’s up there right next to sleeping and drinking wine. The best part of eating is eating with friends and family (duh). I finally caught up with another one of my favorite flight attendants, Kira. IMG_2864This girl has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of me. We used to live in the same crashpad (a place where ppl in the aviation industry can stay between trips) in DC. We have bonded over ugly moments and made the best out of what we had when we first started with the airline. Making brownies and having wine were a highlight and a treat for us (almost pathetic, I know)! A year later (way overdue) we met up for girl talk and ofcourse food at the Grand Lux Cafe. I had never been, but Kira assured me her normal go to were the red velvet pancakes (any place that has red velvet pancakes are okay in my book), Trying to catch up over breakfast/brunch was intense! We both settled on egg white omelets that were about the size of our faces (but who is complaining). With our plates finished we went on our way (and girl if we wait this long again I will be very upset with you)!


My day of fun and food was not over. I went over to pick up my mom from home and bring her back to the city of brotherly love. We did a little damage in Macy’s preparing for our upcoming trip to Charleston, SC. South Jersey Belle in the South, this could get interesting. After returning back to my apartment we needed to quench our thirst with my favorite beverage, wine! We decided on a blend I’ve tried from Trader Joe’s (flight attendants, pretty much live for TJ’s) a few times, Chariot Gypsy Red, this wine is great for only $4.99. Our favorite thing to do is kick back enjoy some wine with a cheese and charcuterie board


We did some pretty good damage to the cheese board before we decided to move the party outside, on to grilling and Sophia joined the party.

Monday morning rolled around and my mom and I decided we need to fill our bellies with something yummy before I took her back to Jersey. We headed to one of our favorites, Green Eggs, for the chicken and waffles benedict. This will keep you full for almost the entire day.


At the end of the evening I felt so refreshed, I had just come off of flying for 11 days straight and being with my family and friends is exactly what I needed. No matter where I am in the world, when I can come home and relax with my favorites it is such an amazing feeling. I am feeling refueled and ready for my next adventure 30,000 feet above.

What do you do to relax and prepare yourself for your next week or challenge?

Until next time!



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Living Out of a Suitcase

When I meet someone and they find out that I’m a flight attendant I end up feeling like a science project. People begin to poke and pry into your life to try to find out what your “daily” routine is. After learning my lesson by the 500th time of trying to explain what exactly I do I tend to leave my professional out of the conversation.

First and foremost, I work alot to make ends meet and it is not always fun. I don’t have a “normal” schedule and I usually don’t fly with the same people. I don’t know when I will back to the same location again so I try to make the most out of every visit in a new city.

Some important factors to know:

  • Your flight attendants were not friends and may not be friends (ever) but have to work together
  • I could have just worked two red eye trips back to back and be flying on my days off (approved by the company)
  • Scheduling can call and give me a trip with 2 hours notice to be at the airport
  • The flight attendant’s luggage has their life in the bag (so hands off and no I will not move my bag for yours)
  • We normally don’t have just one flight a day, we can work up to 13 hours a day
  • I can be sent anywhere domestic or international
  • We do not start getting paid till the airplane door shuts (so yes, please sit down and shut up)
  • There’s no normal schedule San Francisco today, home tomorrow, and London the day after (yes its possible)
  • When your traveling to see your family for the holidays remember your crew is not with theirs

On the other hand, I do love my job. I have met some great people who have become my best friends and confidants. After a long day there is nothing like relaxing with your crew and laughing about the crazy things you can not believe happened during the day. Yes, this is my life, I have to pinch myself sometimes. Scheduling said your going to San Juan, Puerto Rico, almost like a free vacation, but better, I’m getting paid to be there. The memories I am making are amazing, only my flight attendant friends can understand and relate when I say I have a favorite coffee shop in San Francisco and a favorite resturant in Orlando. Yes, scheduling I heard you…be there soon!




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I work out for Ice Cream!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the start of your weekend and have some fun things planned. I just got in yesterday from Los Angeles and tonight I head back to the west coast to San Francisco. Between all my travel and busy schedule most of you are probably wondering how I keep in shape or what exactly do I eat. I’m going to discuss this a little, but please feel free to ask questions and let me know what works for you too!

First off let’s say I’m prefect at being imperfect. In my perfect world I would go to the gym or run 5 or 6 days a week. If you can’t make it then you can’t and you have to accept that. You can not stress out. When it comes to eating I try to make the best choices for what works for my body. I eat lean meats and fish. Personally, I do not care for red meat. With that being said, I definitely have a sweet tooth and I could eat an entire baguette with cheese and olives on my own! I try to do this in moderation! If I said no to ice cream in the summer I would drive myself INSANE!!

When I’m on layover I have no vehicle so I love to get out and walk to explore whatever city I am in. Make being active part of your life. With that being said. I’m going to share with you an ice cream shop I just went to with my friend Sophia. I went to the gym before the ice cream. In my mind that warranted me eating a giant ice cream! lol.


We went to Big Gay Ice Cream. I originally went to the first one in New York City. The one in Philadelphia just opened a few months ago. Big Gay Ice Cream uses soft serve ice cream and fun toppings to create unique ice cream! (wow, I used the word ice cream way to many times, hahaha)

Until next time friends, do what feels right and don’t stress over it. Love yourself for who you are and what you stand for.




Don’t judge the sweaty look! lol.

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Mind Your P’s & Q’s

People from Jersey tend to get categorized as those who do not have manners and will tell you where to go in a heartbeat. I tend to think differently. Maybe you have seen this shirt once or twice in your lifetime.

NJMy belief is NJ- bordered by Philadelphia and New York City, both major metropolitan areas where its known to be sort of rough and tough.  While you can still find people in the tri-state area with manners, they are quickly disappearing to my disappointment. My parents and family taught me at a young age to say please and thank you. Today if you say good morning or hello to someone you see you just get ignored or looked at like you have four heads!?!?! When did this become acceptable? I do not want my home state to have such a negative association. South Jersey Belle knows there are ladies and gentlemen out there that know how to conduct themselves in public. Represent your state and yourself in a positive manner. I will continue to say hello, hold the door, and say bless you to the stranger that sneezes. Rant over. Use your manners!



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Home is not “GTL”

Hello and welcome to South Jersey Belle! I’m Leann and I am looking forward to sharing my travels and life experiences with the world. I decided to name my blog South Jersey Belle because recently I’ve been asked many times if I am from the South! I can not really pin point why, maybe it is my mannerism, the way I carry myself, or simply put my hair cut and blonde hair?!? No matter what the reason, I was born and raised in South Jersey. Television shows like Jersey Shore and The New Jersey Housewives have seemed to give us Jerseyans a bad name. I do not “GTL” everyday (Gym, tan, laundry). I do promote a healthy and clean lifestyle, but I am not the color of a tangerine. And if I go out I am not fist pumping to every song. My family is paying their taxes too to assure those who were thinking that!

Some of things I am planning on sharing with you on South Jersey Belle are my fashion choices, travel excursions, and my daily cooking and eating habits. I live out of a suitcase for the most part because I am a flight attendant. I work with different people all the time which has taught me patience and acceptance. My laptop is with me where ever I may be because I’m working on my doctorate of business administration. And my cell phone is usually glued to my hand for better or worse either waiting for crew scheduling to call or trying to stay in contact with family and friends. Hang tight for a wild ride and what it really means to be a South Jersey Belle.