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Women’s Rights in the Grocery Store

I don’t even know where to start. I have a mix of emotions ranging from anger, frustration, and even sadness. The role of the women is so ascrewed anymore. And who is to blame for that? Women are supposed to feel empowered in today’s day and age and yet here I am ranting because of what should have been a simple trip to the grocery store this morning.

Cutting to the chase I went to pick up a few items from the grocery store. Two men saw me in the aisle and starting making comments ranging from hello to you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I laughed it off and continued my shopping quickly moving past them and into the next aisle. Not even five minutes later here they come again this time the one man is much more vocal about me giving him my phone number and grabs my arm. I quickly pull back and push my cart to the opposite side of the store as rapidly as I can. Remember this is broad daylight in the public grocery store.  My shopping trip here is over and I head directly to the check out.

I vent to some friends as I’m shaken up about the ordeal and one friend tells me I should wear less make up and a baseball hat. First off I was wearing gym clothes and no make up. And second off if I was wearing make up why do I have to hide myself doing basic daily errands. Why as a society does it seem we are regressing allowing women to become second class citizens? If I was to approach either of those men in the way I was approached it would be totally uncalled for, so what made it acceptable in their eyes for the way they approached me?

Some may read this thinking I’m taking it over the top, but really is it when you are trying to grocery shop in workout clothes at 10 am? The issue is rooted much deeper and I have no idea how to solve it.

Overly annoyed and frustrated.




Sports Basement

I have to be completely honest most big box sports stores are a complete disappointment to me. I spend time researching and looking at reviews for quality versus price of swim, bike, and running gear. I like to support smaller companies that tend to be a little more creative than the conglomerates. Being a women seems to make it even a little more difficult. I’ve seen enough shirts that say run like a girl. (Insert eye roll here).

Recently I have been looking for a store that will carry equipment for swimming, biking, and running all under one roof. Trust me it’s more difficult that it sounds. In my google search I came across Sports Basement “Best Brands. Basement Prices. “ Only downfall it’s in the San Francisco area. Well crew scheduling couldn’t have sent me to the West Coast faster and I couldn’t have been happier.

Sports Basement has 7 stores in the Northern Cali area. All the time I’ve been going out to SFO I have been missing this store. In fact, on my run out to Hopper’s Hands I decided to change my normal route just a tad and there out pops Sports Basement on Old Mason Street. I planned my run out specifically to end when the store opens promptly at 9am.

img_3435Walking through those doors and seeing the selection of clothing and gear was exhilarating! I literally did not know where to start!!! Prices were amazing! The selection of clothing and gear was insane. I grabbed a ton of stuff and even ended up joining their basementeer program. For a one time fee of $25, good for my lifetime I would receive 10% off all of my purchases. This was a no brainer!

I will share just a few of the things I picked out! I’m sure the stock must change pretty frequently so I wouldn’t count on things always being consistent.

Rickshaw Bags– made in SFO. This bag usually retails for $15. It was marked as $12. There are many different prints to chose from.

Sugoi running/cycling skirt normally would cost me around $55 retailed at $25.

Twin Six a cycling company from Minnesota! Finally a cute bike shirt for a female!

I even picked out a Sports Basement cycling kit. I was so excited about it I had to try it on back in my hotel room. I’m ready for spring on the East Coast!

Sports Basement you did not disappoint in the slightest! I’m looking forward to coming back on my future trips. Maybe I will even be able to take a class or go on a group ride or run with the Sports Basement staff!

Catch me if you can!