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Camaraderie as a Runner and Cyclist

One thing the running and cycling community has going for it is the camaraderie. Running and cycling is a sport you have to do by yourself. No one else can do it for you. But during training there are many times that runners and cyclist will meet up together so you are not isolated and training by yourself. If you are covering a long distance it can get pretty lonely sometimes spending hours upon hours by yourself training.

I honestly just thought about the camaraderie of these sports recently. Philadelphia just hosted the Love Run half marathon and toward the end of the race there is video footage that made the news where one runner was limping pretty badly. Two other runners in the race came up besides her and assisted her to the finish line. How awesome is that?!?

7c5e51c99d619e49a994711dab985383This morning I went on a 5.5 mile run through Philly. As I passed most runners they nod, smile, wave, or even say hello. I feel it is a little push of encouragement from my fellow runner. Like good job, keep it up! The same goes with cycling. Thinking back to when I rode the MS ride, my mother and I pulled over to recharge and get some energy chews out of our bags. Riders passing us shouted to make sure we were ok or needed help. Very cool!

Our society today has us more disconnected to human interaction then ever. We can go about so many tasks without ever talking to another person. Just think that little smile, wave, or hello could really help turn someone’s day around. Thank you runners and cyclists for acknowledging each other and supporting the healthy lifestyle we lead.

See you on the road!