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Motivation, Transformation, and Determination 

So normally I don’t get very “preachy” on here about goals related to fitness or life.  But recently I’ve had some time to think about how important motivation, transformation, and determination really are. Read along some more if I’ve caught your interest. Otherwise have an awesome day.

The summer is just about wrapping up and soon it will be fall. I proudly completed several mock triathlons and two USAT sanctioned races. I’m started to amp up my running miles again to prepare for some longer runs this fall and winter. I’m happy with my performance and I’ve been learning so much along the way either through self education (lots of new books) or by talking with other athletes. Educating yourself about personal health, nutrition, and training has been the key to my self improvement. The transformations I have been able to reflect on come from internal and external. And the only reason they are occurring is because I want it bad enough to push myself to get out of bed at 5 am. Trust me it’s not always easy. Working on a layover in a new and exciting city can be tough.

My final residency is coming up for my doctorate program and with a full time job, part time job, and training it doesn’t come easy, but it’s all about time management. My mom recently just got me a bracelet that so appropriately says “nothing great, ever came easy!” How true! There have been many instantces that I can think of when my studies started and I would be so wrapped up in my assignment I would be in tears because I wasn’t completely confident in my work. I’ve been able to work past these issues only because I’ve gotten rid of the fear of failure.

Lastly my full time job-flying. Since being back on the job things have been awesome! I was sort of uneasy transitioning back into things after my injury. The first day back I felt like I had not been on a plane in years instead of months. My second trip back and I was flying to Rome. Talk about being thrown into things. But I love my job and the crew members I get to work with.

Overall I feel pretty lucky to be in the position I’m in. I love my job, my studies, and I love working out and racing.  Motivation, transformation, and determination have been part of each avenue in my life. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love. More than likely it won’t come easy, but it will be worth it! Rant over go smash some goals.

It’s your choice!

Xo Leann

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Organize Your Schedule to Reach your Goals

To complete all my daily tasks I have to stay on a schedule. While being a flight attendant allows for a less than normal schedule I still find time to work a part time job, work on my doctorate, and fit time in to train. If you are determined enough you can make anything happen.

I want to share a story about a friend and how he has made changes to his own schedule to reach his personal goals. Korey and I met through the airline several years ago and I have seen his personal growth and it is so inspiring. Korey also works a part time job, serving when he has free time from flying. You may or may not be aware, but as flight attendants there is no normal schedule. 12313671_10103690480758853_2963282751741711904_nOne day we can be working a red eye flight from Los Angles back to the East coast and the next day you could be flying 4 flights between Boston and New York. Passengers tend to feel tired from long flights, imagine working those flights and trying not to feel fatigued. After becoming friends with Korey he quickly picked up an interest in going to the gym on a daily basis. We started going to kickboxing classes together in Philly and our friendship budded as we shared so many interests. I’ve seen Korey become so intrigued in his health and fitness routine; joining new gyms, meal prepping, and  inspiring others to join him at the gym. Recently, Korey reached out to me recently to talk about online school options. I’m happy to say I got a phone call when he was accepted to Arizona State University for his bachelors of art in Spanish. Korey- I’m so excited for you and I’m looking forward to seeing your journey in academics and fitness.

Korey is just one of my many friends that I can use as an example of how important it is to optimize your schedule. If you want it bad enough you will figure out a way to make it happen. During my  master’s program at Full Sail University I learned about Gary Vaynerchuck, he comes from an immigrant family, they eventually bought and ran a wine store in New Jersey and Gary took things to the next level. He incorporated a Youtube wine show and just basically started a hustle. He used what he knew how to do and just kept connecting with people and pushing himself to his limits. Today- Gary is known as serial entrepreneur and internet personality. If you look at some of his videos from years previous versus now its amazing how far hard work can get you. One of my favorite quotes from Gary are,” Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.” I urge you to watch some of his videos like- how to live a life of passion. 

Looking back on my own life I feel I live a more rewarding life now then ever. No one told me or pushed me to work on my master’s or doctorate. I’m proud of how far I have come academically.You will have those that doubt you or do not understand when you can not hang out because you have to be disciplined to do your homework on a Friday night instead of going out. Trust me it will pay off in the long run. Or maybe you have to say no to drinking because you decided to run a half marathon, marathon, or triathlon. It’s your life and you get to make the decision of how you live it.


Are your going to get out there and push yourself to be the best or just settle for being mediocre?