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When Injury Ensues

Well it’s not the end of the world, but when it happened it sure felt like it. After returning from work, I was sent to the doctor. I sprained my left ankle. It is completely swollen, bruised and very sore to touch or put pressure on. I left the doctors office with a boot and feeling discouraged. I was going through a range of emotions, being mad at myself, sad, angry, and extremely frustrated.


I’m not an elite athlete, but being active allows me to feel like I’m living a fulfilling life. I’ve seen my own growth and progression of improvement. Each week, month, and year I can see my progress and give myself new goals. A large part of my identity is allowing myself the freedom to be active whether it is swimming, biking, or running. When I am exercising I can put aside all of my worries and anxieties and focus on a happier and healthier me.

Now that I am forced to have my foot up and stay off it as much as possible for recovery I am looking at other ways I keep my mind quiet and stay fit. I’ve considered some other exercises to while I can not bike or run. I think I will still be able to get in the pool if I use a pull buoy to keep my legs still and focus on my arms and breathing. Eventually I think I will be able to focus on more core and upper body exercises as long as I stay off my feet.

I am hoping for a speedy recovery as I look forward to my return to running and biking at full force. I’m visualizing the best possible recovery and being healthier than ever! This time off is going to give me extra time to do research and reading on training plans!

Here’s to the future!



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No not the rice you eat!





Well I’m on a layover in warm Sin City and I decided I would wake up and go for a run to Fremont Street and then back for breakfast. I was going to write a blog post about intermittent fasting! Then on my walk to get breakfast I rolled my ankle!!!!! Basically any runner’s worst nightmare. I started thinking to myself no that did not just happen. NO! NOOOOOOOOOO! Ok. Calm down Leann, walk it out. Take a breather.

So I get to the Peppermill for breakfast.img_4663 I propped my leg up on the seat to elevate my ankle. When it’s time to leave the pain sets in. I start to panic and reality sets in. I limp to the closest Walgreens for pain reliever and a banadage. 90% sure it’s a sprain and let’s not hope for anything more. So this is where R.I.C.E comes in.

While I am now sitting, I’ve elevated my leg. Icing it for 15 minute increments every hour. Later I will wrap it with a bandage to compress it as I actually have to work the red eye flight from Vegas to Philly tonight. And I’m trying to keep off it as much as possible.

This is extremely frustrating. Let’s hope and pray I can get back to running as quickly as possible if I follow this approach.
Here’s to R.I.C.E!