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Cycling in Spain & Becoming a Better Rider


I have so much to share with you about my experience in Spain. This is the first time in several years at the airline that I actually took my vacation and enjoyed it! There was a slight hiccup at the beginning of the trip that caused a delayed because of bad weather. That’s life and we got out of Philadelphia 2 days later. Onward!

After landing in Madrid, Spain the group I had traveled with then took a 4.5 hour ride to the coast to stay at La Finca a villa in Javea, Spain. I have to be honest on the way there I was thinking where are we headed!?! I learned the region we were headed to is known for cycling and many pros train there. Our fearless leader takes a group every year to Spain to meet up with friends she has made from England that plan this same cycling trip.

The moment I stepped off the bus I was amazed by the courtyard with fresh fruit trees growing-lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. Now it was time to get settled and unpack my bike. To be completely honest out of the three disciplines in triathlon-swimming, biking, and running I had come to realize biking was and is my weakness. I had a little apprehension about the trip because at this time of the season I could only ride inside on the trainer, which was better than nothing, but it just doesn’t transition the same as being out on the road.


Nevertheless, I was excited to get on my bike and ride in a place I had never been before. There were guides that took us out on the rides. Rides were split up by milage every day. Let me remind you-pros train here. Why? Because it’s so hilly!!!!! I am not a strong climber. This trip taught me to embrace my weakness and learn to roll with things. The British riders were so extremely helpful and taught me so much! It wasn’t a race and I was able to focus and learn basic riding mechanics. The views were unbelievable to match the elevation climbs. The descents were some of the scariest I have ever been on. These small roads twist and turn through the hills so there is a technique on how to descend properly (without being roadkill) !

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The trip was wonderful. Something I’m so glad I got to experience. The people were awesome. Many laughs were had. Being surrounded with like minded people is just a really great experience. Flash forward to yesterday when I was bound and determined to go for a bike ride. The sun was shinning, but it was deceiving because the wind was in full force. It was my first time back on my bike since Spain and even though it wasn’t a long ride (16 miles) everything just made sense. My riding skills felt better then ever. Now I thankfully am not dreading all of the training for the triathlon season ahead.


Feet in the pedals and head in the clouds!



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3 thoughts on “Cycling in Spain & Becoming a Better Rider

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip experience. There is nothing better than a vacation that includes, friends, new friends and doing something you love. By the way there is a great inexpensive wine from Trader Joe’s called none other than…..La Finca. It is wonderful.

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  2. Beautiful!!!


  3. Spent Feb and Jan in Javea, heading back there in a couple of weeks, your description of what makes it special are are spot on!


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