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What 2017 Taught Me

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Most people write about what their resolutions are for the new year, how they plan to put their very best foot forward, and thats awesome and I totally understand putting pen to paper (or in this case typing it and sharing it with cyber space), but I wanted to do something a little different. I need to reflect for just a few minutes on what I learned in 2017.

2017 started off well for me, until I got an injury!!!! I torn one of the ligaments in my left foot. Well that completely humbled me!!!! I was bound and determined to do everything the doctors said to heal as quickly as possible. I was so thankful after I was officially cleared to go back to work and running. If you know me personally, I am always on the go, I never slow down.

hotchocrace (4)

After getting that final ok from a specialist, this was my first season of triathlon. I fell in LOVE with the sport. I had been running for about 8 years and then started to bike to cross train. The swimming was the only key part missing. I found a swim coach and the rest is history. Honestly, the swimming and biking have really seemed to improve my running too! I have met some awesome people through the sport of triathlon too.

Let’s talk races-I competed in 17 in 2017!!!! I’m not really trying to make that a thing, race the number or the year. Maybe it will happen who knows. I’ve got a list of races for 2018, I will be posting them up in the races/rides link soon!

Between working on my doctorate, working full time for the airline, and training/racing I always have a full schedule. What I learned about myself, anything is possible if you are bound and determined to get it done. You really have to want it bad enough. Everything I have and have done is because of my own hard work. Nothing comes easy and there are no hand outs are cliche sayings, but they are true! Simple lessons I have learned in 2017:

  • Be Kind
  • Work Hard
  • Be Humble
  • Mindset is Everything
  • Love Yourself First
  • Never Give Up

2017 thank you for everything you taught me. 2018 will be another great one for my own personal growth and goals. Stay tuned to see what adventures I have in store!


People will throw stones at you. Don’t throw them back. Collect them and build an empire.



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