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Happy Halloween/United Way 5k Bone Run

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Happy Halloween Everyone! This weekend seemed to fly by. Saturday morning my Mom and  I ran a 5k trail run in Parvin State Park for United Way. This small race was already on my calendar as something fun to do.  Runners were encouraged to wear costumes in the Halloween spirit.

I had rode my bike to Parvin before, but never stepped foot on their running trails and didn’t know what to expect. The 3.1 mile loop around the lake was great. There were some tree stumps and roots in the trail, but they were clearly marked with neon orange spray paint. Besides doing the run the vineyards trail run, that wasn’t really a trail but running through the grassy vineyard I would count this as my first actual trail run.


The scenery was great and it was peaceful getting glimpses of the lake through the trees. At the end of the race there was a health expo with lots of little free giveaways and snacks. Happy to report my Mom and I both placed in our respective age groups and it was the only to get a medal from this race. Who doesn’t like some special Halloween themed bling!


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After the race it was time to get ready for a photoshoot for Savage Multisport! If you are on Instagram you need to head on over and follow @Savagemultisport the newest tri team! Big news coming on Savage Multisport soon, just keep on following them on insta and I will fill you in as soon as their website is up!

I’ve got one more run to finish out 2017. Already started marking some races on the calendar for 2018 that I would like to do! Rounded out the evening by spending the evening with my family and Nigel at Menz for a Halloween haunted themed dinner!


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One thought on “Happy Halloween/United Way 5k Bone Run

  1. It was a fun run and always an added bonus to place!


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