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I hate you. 

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Left foot I hate you right now. After a brief phone call from my doctor I found out my MRI shows tendonitis and a grade III tear on one of my ligaments.  Left foot/ankle how could you betray me like this. We were on the road to recovery, but we knew something wasn’t right, but surely I wasn’t expecting this. An appointment with a specialist will come soon and we are setting you straight. No funny busy this time. We are coming out of this stronger than before and we are going to dominate all the races we compete in. 

I hope you are listening ankle because I’m not playing games with you. You don’t want me to run right now fine, but that just means my swimming and biking is going to take presendence. 



Author: South Jersey Belle

Looking for positivity. Eating local. Shopping. Travel. Swim. Bike. Run.

One thought on “I hate you. 

  1. You will come through this even stronger! It will not hender you it is just leading you to become stronger.


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