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Side Cramps or “The Stitch”

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You know that feeling I’m talking about. You are running and all of a sudden, under your rib cage you feel that dreaded pain or side stitch. Ugghh…. well it happened to me the other day. It is such an uncomfortable feeling.


What is a side stitch?

When you are running you tend to increase the pressure on your diaphram all while your lungs are expanding and contracting, muscles tends to get less blood flow or spasm causing that pinched feeling.

Why does this happen? 

The actual cause of the side stitch is uncertain. There are however several theories that could be the case to why stitches occur. First, irritation on ligaments inside of the abdomen. Second, irritation of the spinal column.

How can you prevent this?

Keep in mind what you eat before a run and how long you need to digest. Always warm up (totally guilty of skipping this sometimes). Be mindful of your breathing. Try breathing to match your stride. Slow down and breath! Keep moving, but making sure you are inhaling and exhaling!


Run through the stitch!




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