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You Don’t Have to Go Hard to Enjoy Vegas

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I’m currently working a 4 day trip and I’m writing this from 40,000 ft above. (Got to love technology) The first layover on my trip was 19 hours in Las Vegas. Only down side, I was (and still am) fighting a sinus infection. I felt so lame thinking I’m wasting 19 hours in Vegas to lay in bed. 

I was still able to make the best of it! The dry heat actually helped my sinuses and I was able to lay out by the pool for a few hours. Vitamin C intake at its best! Sorry Philly, but I really enjoyed the 90 degree weather (can we hurry up on the Spring weather East Coast)! 

After relaxing by the pool and not allowing myself to go to the gym (trust me it was really hard to not allow myself to workout) I was ready to do some exploring with my crew. 

Crew debriefing as we call it in the industry is when you are off work and get to enjoy your layover. We met for a beverage and headed out for a taco joint that all the locals seemed to be raving about- Taco el Gordo. I was forewarned that it wasn’t fancy and most of the menu was in Spanish. 

Naturally, I had to order what I thought was the most unique item on the menu. Beef tongue taco. Delish. I’ve had beef tongue before in China prepared differently. I also had the chorizo taco and pork mulas. Everything was very fresh and tasted great! 

After stuffing ourselves with awesome tacos the crew wandered back to the hotel and talked about what epic thing we could do in Vegas to make this layover great. Well no one wanted to go out in party (we all had early departures), but we could go on a ride at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel! With 3 rides to choose from of course we chose the most intense-insanity! A contraption that dangles you over the edge of the hotel and spins! Loved it! Plus you got a great view of Sin City! 

As the crew and I walked back to the hotel we were even able to witness a couple getting married in one of the wedding chapels on the strip. Classic Vegas. I had a great time with a great crew and did not wake up with a hangover or lose any money! 

Until my next adventure! 



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One thought on “You Don’t Have to Go Hard to Enjoy Vegas

  1. Sounds like you had a great time with the weather, your crew and the food. And that crazy ride!


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