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To Stink or Not to Stink

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As a runner, cyclist, or competing in any form of exercise or sports, your shoes are going to stink! Do not pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. I know you have thought about it or maybe you were concerned someone else might smell your stinky shoes or feet. It’s normal people! You have your feet tightly wrapper up in a sneaker for miles on miles what do you think is going to happen!?!?!



Now there’s no need to be embarrassed because you can eliminate the odor. First, I have to say the socks you are wearing plays a part into this. I swear by Balega socks! These socks are amazing. They let your feet breathe, they are ultra light, but still have cushion, and they help fight against blisters.

IMG_3157Next I find this to be key-use a foot powder or spray. My Mom has been the Avon lady in our neighborhood since I was a child. Ding dong Avon calling. Yes, thats her. I swear by the Avon Foot Works line. I love the powder, just sprinkle some in your shoes and it helps keep your shoes and feet dry while fighting odor. There is also a spray that I have used on occasion. You can spray directly on your foot and in your shoe.

It is really important to take care of your feet! One simple thing to be aware of is athlete’s foot!  It’s not the end of the world if you get it and if you are an athlete you probably have had it before (speaking from experience). It’s easy to pick up being around pools, locker rooms, or not keeping your feet dry. In between your toes become itchy, cracking, and sometimes burns. There is over the counter creams that you can apply to help it go away. If it continues then you should see a doctor. Using the foot powders and allowing your shoes to dry out in between wears should help in this matter also.

Take care of your toes!





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  1. Good advice


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