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Age is just a Number or a Group if your an Athlete

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I can’t believe I turn 30 today! Wow! It really doesn’t seem possible. I feel like I just fast forwarded through my twenties. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed every second of it and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! (Typical reflection nonsense). 

Get to the point Leann, what’s this talk about age groups. As an athlete if you compete in any types of races you are always separated by sex and age group. The last few years I have became more serious and competitive in my running. So age grouping has a lot to do with what number I place as a finisher. Being 28/29 put me at the top of my age group 20-29. So I’m actually very happy to be turning 30 and be at the bottom of a new age group. Age groups can vary in 5 or 10 year increments. For example:








The most competitive age group is really up for debate. Some would say the early twenties group others say the mid thirties. Personally, I didn’t know what I know now in my twenties about racing, training, nutrition, and recovery. I have more resources now and I’m always looking to learn more. More recently I have seen my number finish in the top 10, but comparing to the next age group I could be top 5 or better.  So unless you have had a coach or are completely blessed with some talent, I’m looking forward to being more competitive now and racing better than ever. Each race seems to be different than the last in my experiences. Depending on how many people show up this could help or hurt your time and chances of placing. No matter how much or hard you train sometimes we have good/bad days. 

Enjoy the journey! 




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One thought on “Age is just a Number or a Group if your an Athlete

  1. You got this!


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