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Leave your Attitude at the (aircraft) Door


We all have our own little pet peeves that really can grind our gears. One of mine has become the attitudes people have especially when I’m at work as a flight attendant (FA). I understand no one likes waiting in lines, being questioned by the TSA, or being last to board the plane, but when you are taking that long (leisurely) walk down the jet bridge. Leave your attitude out there. Take a deep breath. Step on to the plane, sit back, and (try to) relax. This is not your private jet and you can not order the FA’s around. Most of all just be respectful. Mind your manners, say hello, please, and thank you. Trust me that will go a long way. Gone are the days when flying on the plane was glamorous. 

Getting the job as a flight attendant is cut throat enough. I would like to enjoy my career without the overload of “tude” on the plane. Now please put your seat in the upright position, stow your tray table and fasten your seat belt. (Rant over). 

Enjoy your flight. 




Author: South Jersey Belle

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2 thoughts on “Leave your Attitude at the (aircraft) Door

  1. That’s right!


  2. I always try to be kind and respectful while flying just like I do on land.


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