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The Treadmill Vs. The Streets

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When it comes to running there will always be two choices-the treadmill or the great outdoors (streets/trails). Both have some pros and cons as it always seems to be a tough toss up on which is better.


The Treadmill-aka the mill aka dreadmill


  • Monotonous-no temperature changes/stuck indoors
  • Heavy Breathers next to you at the gym
  • People talking on the phone loudly at the gym
  • Dudes wearing way to much cologne next to you
  • Dependent on watching number change or holding on


  • Keep Tempo-variables/incline
  • Not outside in the elements
  • Safe
  • Watch your favorite TV show/movie
  • Do not having to carry your own water/energy supplements
  • Endorphins

Running Outside-aka these streets aka trails-


  • In the elements (rain/snow/wind)
  • Lose tempo when tired
  • Be alert of where you are running for safety reasons (alone deep in a trail/dark/ unseen to drivers/be aware not to be a victim)
  • Carry your own water/supplements


  • Breathing fresh air/enjoying the elements
  • Enjoy the change of scenery-sunrises/sunsets/city/country
  • It’s Free!
  • Escape technology
  • Endorphins

Well there you have it my friends. Pretty simple! Depending on what time and where you are running please be safe and consider all possible scenarios. Sometimes running on the dreadmill can be miserable, but if it is 9pm at night it’s probably the better option than running in the dark. I’ve run 13 long miles on a treadmill before because the weather outside was unbearable and I had to get my training in.

Mind over matter!



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