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Fuel Your Run

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Hey Runners, cyclists, and active people! With the weather improving in the Northeast I’ve started taking my runs outside and each run will start getting longer and longer. Pre and post fuel are very important, but in this post I would like to talk about fueling yourself during long runs (rides, or any activity you are using a lot of energy). I’ve experimented with many different drinks, gels, goos, and everything in between. Yes, most have been disgusting. And I finally feel like I have reached a point where I know what my body needs and likes. I must preface this by saying everyone is different and everyone has different tastes. I’m going to share what works for me and hopefully this will help you skip some of the gross things I have tried in the past.


I start considering a run, a long run around 10+ miles. Anything less than that I don’t take anything extra for fueling myself (besides water). Right before my 10+ miles I would take a Power Bar simple fruit energy food. My favorite flavor is apple, orange,lemon. This tastes like applesauce! I tried to like GU energy gels, but I literally would be gagging every time I took one. I don’t think I need to get more descriptive then that, the taste and the texture, it just didn’t work for me. I was very hesitant about trying any other kind of gu type of product, but these by power bar are simply delish!!!


So I usually don’t eat or drink anything else until after 5 miles in on my run. Now we have some choices depending on how you are feeling. If you need a drink I would go with water or my new favorite hydrator-Nuun! Nuun comes in a variety of flavors. Think Gatorade or Powerade, but lightly flavored, low cal, and super clean (non gmo/gluten free/dairy free/ect). They come in tablets, making them easy to store and travel with (huge plus)!!!!!!!!


If you want something to chew on grab a Honey Stinger waffle or energy chews! Again, this is another clean item! Organic! Yay! Just think, you are doing something great for your body, put something clean into it to keep it moving! If you are eating the waffle I tend to break it in half. Half for now, half for later, or all at once! Whatever works for you! And again there are numerous flavors to try. The chews, I usually eat two or three at a time, but I could eat the whole bag, they are so good! I used to really be into Cliff shot blocs until I tried these. Don’t get me wrong, the shot blocs are tasty, but I found they really like to stick on your teeth. Annoying!!

One thing I feel like I really need to mention, if you are eating the blocs or energy chews I wouldn’t mix it with the Nuun drink. Follow with water. I found the mix of the two tends to upset my stomach, not like I have to go to the bathroom upset, just not feeling good, I don’t want to run kind of good. But maybe you have a stomach of steel, but I warned you! I’ve tried candies like candy corn and jelly beans, but unfortunately I can feel the spike and crash of the sugar high too drastically and I would rather avoid the processed sugars.

So just a quick recap:

  • I only use the energy supplements with 10+ miles (start after 5 miles in)
  • Water or Nuun
  • Don’t drink Nuun and eat energy chews (follow with water)
  • Hydrate and have fun!

Time to eat and run!




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