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Weekend Training

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Priorities! Priorities! Priorities! I think I train my hardest during the week. It’s usually because I’m on call for work and what better way to use my time then to be proactive and get in an awesome workout while the gym is quiet. Weekend training seems to be the struggle for me! After a full week of workouts, my muscles are sore, achey, and I feel tired and weak. This weekend was by far no exception. After my three day trip last week I ended up just being on call Friday. I hopped on my bike trainer and rode for a solid hour. Friday afternoon I headed out of town with the boyfriend (shameless plug here) to head down to Sea Isle City for Polar Bear Plunge weekend.


During the week I eat (pretty) healthy. I prep foods in advance and always have wholesome snacks on hand. This makes it easier to make better choices. When you go out of town though you tend to get out of your normal routine…ugh…this is where things tend to get messy. Polar Bear Plunge weekend is one big party while it brings awareness and support to childen with autism. So after many “light” beers and one too many slices of pizza I was set to run a 5k on Sunday. The morning of the race I had somewhat normal food and a banana, the first healthy thing I ate since Friday am! Well, it seemed as if my weekly training and weekend rest seemed to pay off as I finished the 5k in 24:08. Not to shabby! img_2620

Although I never suggest drinking the day before the race I did try to drink in moderation and left plenty of time for recovery. The next few races and I rides I have coming up are of a much longer distance so I don’t think I will be trying that again! Back to my training plan. It really comes down to how bad you want it and are you willing to put in the effort?

I think this quote from Jim Rohn fits this perfectly,”Everyone must chose one of two pains: the pain of disciple or the pain of regret.”

Get out there and train!



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One thought on “Weekend Training

  1. This is great but some might say carbo-loading on beer before a race isn’t the worst thing.


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