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I love you from 38,000 ft.

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For some people the sky is the limit, but those who work in aviation, the sky is home. I could go on and on with lots of cheesy one liners about how great my job is as a flight attendant. My heart must have been made to travel because I truly love it no matter how crazy it makes me sometimes.


This Valentine’s Day morning I took off for a three day trip, not the best of trips, not the worst, but I was eager to get back to the job that I love. I miss all my family and friends while I am away, but having a job that lets me see the world is so refreshing, freeing, and empowering. Waking up at 2am for a 4am check in was not fun, but I had a great day in sunny Florida. fullsizerender-3-copy-2

I was so motivated after I landed I was able to get in a 5k run to the beach and a great swim session back at the pool. Enjoyed some of the warmth while Philadelphia is still embracing the arctic cold temperatures. Ofcourse I dressed in festive pink and purple colors! Find something you love so you never work a day in your life.



All women are created equal, but the finest become flight attendants. Come fly with me!



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  1. Sign me up!!!


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