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Sweat More, B*tch Less

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We all have crazy schedules. You are probably asking yourself when or how do you actually find the time to go to the gym and get in a “good” workout? That is a tough question to answer. If you are really dedicated to being active you will find the time. It might be early mornings, after work, or your weekends. Whatever it may be do what works for you! Just because what you read in the fitness magazine said early morning workouts are best, it might not be best for you. I have a totally irregular schedule, on call crazy times, and might have to pack up and leave with very short notice. I usually end up doing my workouts mid-day and early mornings on the weekends.


It takes approximately 21 days to create a new habit and around 90 days to create a new lifestyle. Fitness has become part of my life and I enjoy facing new challenges I set for myself. No one has told me to go out and run a 5k, half marathon, or marathon. I started biking to build more strength and endurance in my legs for my races. After a solid year of cycling and being a part of several long distance rides which eventually led to my newest goal of competing in a triatholon.


Physically, mentally, and emotionally I always feel better after a work out. I can be dragging my feet before a run, complaining its to cold or I’m too tired, but when I’m finished I feel energized. I encourage you to get out there and get motivated because you are not going to get the butt you want by sitting on it!





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