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Kombucha! What is it?

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Hello Everyone! Flying has been a little slow and with the winter months not far away  (which includes all those holidays focused around food) I’m really trying to improve what I’m putting into my body. I’ve been running and attending kickboxing classes, trying to stay active so my body looks and feel great all year long. So kombucha, what is it??? And how does it taste?


Kombucha is a tea thats fermented that contains bacteria and yeast that has major health benefits (i’m not going into all the gross details of how its exactly made)! It has most recently become popular in the US and can be obtained at most health food stores (like Whole Foods Market). I’ve had them here and there and after doing more research into them decided I want to drink them more often. They have different flavors, but it is really all about the health benefits.

1-Dextoification-Helps to detox the body (especially the liver)

2-Joint Care-Helps against arthritis (great for anyone!)

3-Digestion-Healthy probiotics for your tummy! Who doesn’t want better digestion?

4-Anti-oxidants-Immune system booster!!! Yay!

Soooooo….the big question, what does it taste like??? It is sort of fizzy and it does have a slight vinegar taste. I really suggest you give it a chance before you totally pass it off and these different flavors help to mask the total vinegar taste. I like to make sure mine is very cold when I drink it, because it kind of reminds me of soda, who likes to drink warm soda? (gross!). Hope this was helpful!! Stay happy and healthy!



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