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Work Hard to Play Hard…

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Work hard to play hard is totally my motto. I fly as much as I can, squeeze in some time at my part time gig in the city, work on my doctorate, and make time for my fitness, family, and friends. But sometimes your body just tells you, you need to slow down. Thats exactly what happened to me after a full schedule in July and heading in that direction for August, I got sick! (insert sad, pathetic face here). I worked the red eye in from San Diego and all I wanted was my bed. The doctor said no work for you, rest up! I will update you all on my crazy adventures as soon as I start to feel better. Until then here’s a picture of my pup trying to check on me after sleeping for hours on end!




Author: South Jersey Belle

Looking for positivity. Eating local. Shopping. Travel. Swim. Bike. Run.

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