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Recharge Needed

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After a crazy July month that started to carry over into August I realized I needed to reboot and recharge. Between flying, school work, trying to keep myself in shape, and have somewhat of a normal social life I felt exhausted. My apartment was a complete wreck from coming and going and dropping clothes every place I saw an empty spot, I just needed to stay home. I was starting to feel emotionally drained. I love being a flight attendant because sometimes you just want to not be the babysitter/nurse/physiologist/teacher/waitress/cook/safety ensurer. Thank goodness for family and friends that let me rant and keep me sane.

I had 2 days off and one day I spend with family down the Jersey shore going on a little bike ride with my uncle. Learning how to properly ride my road bike in the summer sun was great. The second day I spent cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, and preparing for the next 4 days living out of my suitcase. I did get to have my parents over to grill out and of course they brought along my fur baby, Bentley.


Last month’s wild ride taught me we all need to have a little more patience and understanding for one another. I know I was under a great deal of stress and you never know what the stranger next to you is going through also. Take some time for yourself once in a while. It will do wonders. Take care.



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