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Brunching with the Best

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I love food. It’s up there right next to sleeping and drinking wine. The best part of eating is eating with friends and family (duh). I finally caught up with another one of my favorite flight attendants, Kira. IMG_2864This girl has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of me. We used to live in the same crashpad (a place where ppl in the aviation industry can stay between trips) in DC. We have bonded over ugly moments and made the best out of what we had when we first started with the airline. Making brownies and having wine were a highlight and a treat for us (almost pathetic, I know)! A year later (way overdue) we met up for girl talk and ofcourse food at the Grand Lux Cafe. I had never been, but Kira assured me her normal go to were the red velvet pancakes (any place that has red velvet pancakes are okay in my book), Trying to catch up over breakfast/brunch was intense! We both settled on egg white omelets that were about the size of our faces (but who is complaining). With our plates finished we went on our way (and girl if we wait this long again I will be very upset with you)!


My day of fun and food was not over. I went over to pick up my mom from home and bring her back to the city of brotherly love. We did a little damage in Macy’s preparing for our upcoming trip to Charleston, SC. South Jersey Belle in the South, this could get interesting. After returning back to my apartment we needed to quench our thirst with my favorite beverage, wine! We decided on a blend I’ve tried from Trader Joe’s (flight attendants, pretty much live for TJ’s) a few times, Chariot Gypsy Red, this wine is great for only $4.99. Our favorite thing to do is kick back enjoy some wine with a cheese and charcuterie board


We did some pretty good damage to the cheese board before we decided to move the party outside, on to grilling and Sophia joined the party.

Monday morning rolled around and my mom and I decided we need to fill our bellies with something yummy before I took her back to Jersey. We headed to one of our favorites, Green Eggs, for the chicken and waffles benedict. This will keep you full for almost the entire day.


At the end of the evening I felt so refreshed, I had just come off of flying for 11 days straight and being with my family and friends is exactly what I needed. No matter where I am in the world, when I can come home and relax with my favorites it is such an amazing feeling. I am feeling refueled and ready for my next adventure 30,000 feet above.

What do you do to relax and prepare yourself for your next week or challenge?

Until next time!



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