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Living Out of a Suitcase

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When I meet someone and they find out that I’m a flight attendant I end up feeling like a science project. People begin to poke and pry into your life to try to find out what your “daily” routine is. After learning my lesson by the 500th time of trying to explain what exactly I do I tend to leave my professional out of the conversation.

First and foremost, I work alot to make ends meet and it is not always fun. I don’t have a “normal” schedule and I usually don’t fly with the same people. I don’t know when I will back to the same location again so I try to make the most out of every visit in a new city.

Some important factors to know:

  • Your flight attendants were not friends and may not be friends (ever) but have to work together
  • I could have just worked two red eye trips back to back and be flying on my days off (approved by the company)
  • Scheduling can call and give me a trip with 2 hours notice to be at the airport
  • The flight attendant’s luggage has their life in the bag (so hands off and no I will not move my bag for yours)
  • We normally don’t have just one flight a day, we can work up to 13 hours a day
  • I can be sent anywhere domestic or international
  • We do not start getting paid till the airplane door shuts (so yes, please sit down and shut up)
  • There’s no normal schedule San Francisco today, home tomorrow, and London the day after (yes its possible)
  • When your traveling to see your family for the holidays remember your crew is not with theirs

On the other hand, I do love my job. I have met some great people who have become my best friends and confidants. After a long day there is nothing like relaxing with your crew and laughing about the crazy things you can not believe happened during the day. Yes, this is my life, I have to pinch myself sometimes. Scheduling said your going to San Juan, Puerto Rico, almost like a free vacation, but better, I’m getting paid to be there. The memories I am making are amazing, only my flight attendant friends can understand and relate when I say I have a favorite coffee shop in San Francisco and a favorite resturant in Orlando. Yes, scheduling I heard you…be there soon!




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