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I work out for Ice Cream!

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the start of your weekend and have some fun things planned. I just got in yesterday from Los Angeles and tonight I head back to the west coast to San Francisco. Between all my travel and busy schedule most of you are probably wondering how I keep in shape or what exactly do I eat. I’m going to discuss this a little, but please feel free to ask questions and let me know what works for you too!

First off let’s say I’m prefect at being imperfect. In my perfect world I would go to the gym or run 5 or 6 days a week. If you can’t make it then you can’t and you have to accept that. You can not stress out. When it comes to eating I try to make the best choices for what works for my body. I eat lean meats and fish. Personally, I do not care for red meat. With that being said, I definitely have a sweet tooth and I could eat an entire baguette with cheese and olives on my own! I try to do this in moderation! If I said no to ice cream in the summer I would drive myself INSANE!!

When I’m on layover I have no vehicle so I love to get out and walk to explore whatever city I am in. Make being active part of your life. With that being said. I’m going to share with you an ice cream shop I just went to with my friend Sophia. I went to the gym before the ice cream. In my mind that warranted me eating a giant ice cream! lol.


We went to Big Gay Ice Cream. I originally went to the first one in New York City. The one in Philadelphia just opened a few months ago. Big Gay Ice Cream uses soft serve ice cream and fun toppings to create unique ice cream! (wow, I used the word ice cream way to many times, hahaha)

Until next time friends, do what feels right and don’t stress over it. Love yourself for who you are and what you stand for.




Don’t judge the sweaty look! lol.

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