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Mind Your P’s & Q’s

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People from Jersey tend to get categorized as those who do not have manners and will tell you where to go in a heartbeat. I tend to think differently. Maybe you have seen this shirt once or twice in your lifetime.

NJMy belief is NJ- bordered by Philadelphia and New York City, both major metropolitan areas where its known to be sort of rough and tough.  While you can still find people in the tri-state area with manners, they are quickly disappearing to my disappointment. My parents and family taught me at a young age to say please and thank you. Today if you say good morning or hello to someone you see you just get ignored or looked at like you have four heads!?!?! When did this become acceptable? I do not want my home state to have such a negative association. South Jersey Belle knows there are ladies and gentlemen out there that know how to conduct themselves in public. Represent your state and yourself in a positive manner. I will continue to say hello, hold the door, and say bless you to the stranger that sneezes. Rant over. Use your manners!



Author: South Jersey Belle

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One thought on “Mind Your P’s & Q’s

  1. Enjoying your blog! I like reading your thoughts and looking out your pics. Keep more coming!!


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