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It's all about the attitude.

Home is not “GTL”

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Hello and welcome to South Jersey Belle! I’m Leann and I am looking forward to sharing my travels and life experiences with the world. I decided to name my blog South Jersey Belle because recently I’ve been asked many times if I am from the South! I can not really pin point why, maybe it is my mannerism, the way I carry myself, or simply put my hair cut and blonde hair?!? No matter what the reason, I was born and raised in South Jersey. Television shows like Jersey Shore and The New Jersey Housewives have seemed to give us Jerseyans a bad name. I do not “GTL” everyday (Gym, tan, laundry). I do promote a healthy and clean lifestyle, but I am not the color of a tangerine. And if I go out I am not fist pumping to every song. My family is paying their taxes too to assure those who were thinking that!

Some of things I am planning on sharing with you on South Jersey Belle are my fashion choices, travel excursions, and my daily cooking and eating habits. I live out of a suitcase for the most part because I am a flight attendant. I work with different people all the time which has taught me patience and acceptance. My laptop is with me where ever I may be because I’m working on my doctorate of business administration. And my cell phone is usually glued to my hand for better or worse either waiting for crew scheduling to call or trying to stay in contact with family and friends. Hang tight for a wild ride and what it really means to be a South Jersey Belle.

Author: South Jersey Belle

Looking for positivity. Eating local. Shopping. Travel. Swim. Bike. Run.

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